Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Photoshop: B/W Composition Exercises - Thumbnails 45-46

Drawing components suggesting chosen city of Despina [Harbour City] - windsock, ship funnels, pipes, stilts, waves and flags among other associated harbour objects in mind. Drawing objects separately to copy, duplicate and transform to explore composition possibilities:

Help from tutor in using features such as Lasso Tool, and large shade brushstrokes to create more believable three-dimensional objects, instead of putting dominance on lines in order to create objects [less painting and drawing, more shading and constructing]:

Thumbnails 45-46 - originally lassoing and duplicating to explore perspective and depth, then help/ideas from tutor to duplicate, transform and resize same featured building, plus shading, soft brushstrokes at different layers, and polygon lasso tool for pathway, all to help create more convincing 3D concept art [e.g. Pixar-level]:

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  1. LOVE No 46, Robin - really effective method there - more please!