Monday, 26 October 2015

Maya: Digital Sets - Modelling

Modelling digital set from scratch for first time - discovering modelling components 'in mid-air' by judging dimensions from front, side and bottom:
Boston, 1858 (James Buchanan) - ideally advancing from loose concept art and becoming more technical and realistic (e.g. Boston street like theatre design, exhibition design, game map, etc.) - ability to grab by the hands both imagination and logic effectively:

Front view of Boston Street:
Lamp post, archway, crates and window - all to be made from cubes, whether distorted or not:

 Side view:

Top view - ideal street corner partially covered by archway:

Placing image planes in different dimensions, then dimming their lighting to pay close attention to 3D modelling:

Creating primitive cube, changing its pivot, highlighting its vertices to stretch box towards wall at back, before deleting some of its faces to set basics of wall corner:

Carving with edge tool to draw out separate window, plus ability to make three planes invisible to see how convincing and believable digital set is so far:

When first pressing key 3, wall corner collapses on itself very easily (porthole window in spacecraft), as not much support, so adding more horizontal and vertical lines with edge tool throughout component, as well as pushing little out to draw windowsill, to create stronger-looking wall corner when refined:

Boston street corner so far:

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