Friday, 30 October 2015

Illustrator: Importing Logo Design to After Effects

Resizing favourite of past RHS logo designs created in Illustrator (style of 1970s, Dutch, Brutalism, etc.), updating its colours and exporting to After Effects to explore and experiment with motion graphics, computer animation, etc. Software quite similar to other Adobe softwares, cross between Photoshop layers and video editing software (be able to realise the possibilities!). Adding points at different sections of timeline for changes in components' movement and direction - e.g. growing in size from far corners of A4-size screen. Really like presentation turnout and hope to improve graphic design and motion graphics abilities in future:

Adobe After Effects - digital visual effects, motion graphics, compositing application, used in post-production process of filmmaking, keying, tracking, rotoscoping, computer animation
Reminder: UCA &, professional video tutorials by professionals, take advantage of university resources as student.

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