Thursday, 29 October 2015

Bellmer Metropolis: Thumbnails 1-5

Thumbnail 1:
Wanting to simply throw down ideas as soon as possible:
Playing with Word Stacks (continuous writing without letting go of pencil on paper, exploring descriptions of Bellmer's works and how I can incorporate some of these elements into my own metropolis) - resulting curving, bumpy and etchy collection of buildings below with nipple-shaped circles/holes [need to refer back to original words written in case losing direction later in project]

Thumbnail 2:
Exploring ideas for centrepiece of metropolis mise-en-scene - "Exterior Shell is the keyword!"
Transport/rail/bicycle interchange structure in shape of flowing female body parts, especially biceps and thighs [erotic exploration of female body]
Thumbnail 3:
Quick marker pen and pencil studies, exploring blob/curve structures and drawing features inside - breast nipples, bruises, etchings, blood stains, blood veins, etc.

Thumbnail 4:
Word Stack with Tate's description of Bellmer, using words highlighted in bold in blog post to produce response study - varying curve-related shapes relating to female body:

Thumbnail 5:
Word Stack with The 20th Century Art Book's description of Bellmer's A Thousand Girls - reminder to produce emotion board reminding myself of emotions to capture - aggression, anger, excitement, blood veins, etc.:


  1. Good start Robin :)
    I think your last sentence there is important to remember - think about the feelings that living in your metropolis would produce in people. Would it be different for men and women? I think if you start to write your travelogue, these feelings might become clearer to you...

  2. Some ideas to get you started on your travelogue -

    Think about how the Calvino passages were written (If you need to, look at one of the examples again, but only BRIEFLY!)

    You are approaching the city...

    ... how does it look from the distance?
    ... how is the light reflecting on it? (Bright/reflective/dark and gloomy? etc)

    As you get closer...
    ... What can you hear?
    ... Can you smell anything?
    ... Are there any inhabitants around?
    ... How has the light changed?
    ... What is the road surface like?
    ... etc

    As you enter the city...
    ... Scale of buildings?
    ... Proximity between buildings?
    ... Building materials?
    ... Road surface?
    ... Street furniture?
    ... Light/dark and gloomy?
    ... Bustling/quiet?
    ... Vegetation?
    ... Signs of industry? Commerce? The Arts?
    ... etc

    Are you alone, or maybe you have a female companion? Does she feel differently about the city?(Threatened? Frightened? Repulsed? etc)

    Always refer back to the ideas and philosophy held by Bellmer, as this will inform your metropolis's atmosphere.

    These are just some ideas :) You don't need to use all or any of them, but hopefully they will get your imagination going...