Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Despina: Final Three Concept Paintings - Progress

Development of Exterior High Angle and Exterior Low Angle so far:
Quite immersed in polygon lasso tool almost by accident, though started to become interested in such graphic style
Collecting colours from colour reference as well as collections of JPEG images of textures - e.g. sand, steel, boardwalk, etc.:

Exterior High Angle - Harbour City:

Exterior Low Angle - Fish Market/Business Centre:


  1. I like how these are coming along. Certainly conveys a sense that this is a crowded, bustling city. However with the low angle shot I'd say definitely keep going. At the moment the two shapes in the middle I can only guess are market stalls. If you flesh those out it would go some way to convey that this is a public plaza or street.