Thursday, 15 October 2015

Maya - UV Blocks

Exploring UV layering and lighting, and utilising both Maya and PS for first time - opportunity to explore even further with coat layering on complex shapes, as colours can be personally chosen and handcrafted - e.g. freelance artist Massimo Righi wrapping realistic photo-based painted animal textures around 3D models - e.g. Trapped -

Reconfiguring UV plane above box and placing UV plan within XY graph:

Reshaping into six squares to create UV net - remembering to right click and drag to correct option [quite like in The Sims where you get to choose option buttons surrounding character's head]:

Copying and pasting net into PS TIFF file, painting and and adding typeface in PS to create toy blocks, making use of Shift when dragging objects and paint bucket tool:

Wrapping new colourful net around block - really convincing result, although some painted squares look slightly out of place inside thick borders:

Pressing 3 key to smoothen corners and rendering in Maya with reconfigured Blinn layering, readjusting light sources and reflection strength:

First rendering result looking slightly too shiny and bright, so toning down in some controls on panel on right - rendering again, more believable blocks drawn out on puzzle board that came with Maya file:

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