Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Thumbnails 23-32

Isaura [Stilts & Wells] [23-24] - steel buckets carrying water loads across chain connected by poles, red town supported by boardwalk and stilts above dried up river.
Leonia [Dumping Ground] [25-26] - advertising latest products to buy in store, rubbish loaded onto pile eventually as high as colourful city.
Moriana [Inequality, Half & Half] [27-28] - entrance to luxury bar, casino, restaurant, club or other high-class attraction surrounded by velvet, chandeliers and tribal art, but turn head 180 degrees to see down below dirty muddy city, piling up to rubbish collection resembling shape of eyes and eyebrows.
Octavia [Hanging Below] [29-30] - ideal sleeping pods, similar to hammocks, where people rest hanging below, as boardwalks and pipes support different sections, hanging lanterns, growing vegetation and mountain ranges.
Phyllis [Face Value] [31-32] - alleyways and pathways gradually turning ugly, mysterious flashing signs and rolling eyes to unknown territory, racing wooden vehicles accidentally take wrong turn to deep underground, going past dead bodies and debris.

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