Friday, 9 October 2015

Life Drawing - Sculpture

Quite excited to discover first life drawing session involving complex sculpture. Using charcoal and chalk onto large card to develop many studies based on analysing sculpture carefully - hula hoops, garden floodlights, coloured tape and bamboo sticks:

Pencil and charcoal: had original idea of analysing sculpture carefully without looking at card. Drawing with pencil in continuous line for 20 minutes, following actions lines wherever possible. Once looking at result, however, more complex and confusing outcome than I thought, so thought of idea of looking into pencil outcome and tracing over new shapes created from pencil lines, thickened and darkened in charcoal. Really interesting and dynamic shapes I discovered when rotating study, trying to find new characters, faces or objects to create:

Red line - new characters/faces/objects:


Refined discovered characters and objects: Robot smoking cigarette, speedy latex hummingbird, French soldier, bloated dark eyes with antlers, dark ghost hiding at bricked wall corner, and, most pleased with, square-shaped bird creature with sharp beak:

Really pleased with outcome of experiment idea - inspiration from Michael Matessi's Force Character Design from Life Drawing [below]: taking collection of cut-out shapes and energetically drawing new body formations from them, thinking about angles and proportion:

Thinking about developing quick and energetic chalk studies onto black card, looking for fast movement and patterns: Tribal drum with drumsticks, and rolling eyeballs, coming to my mind developing tribal compositions and patterns [Africa, South American, Native America, etc.]:

Capturing quick movements made by sculpture components, plus energetic shading in particular corners - almost resembling Kandinsky artwork:

Observing long-haired tall, thin man cramped in particular posture with his right arm hanging over bar - capturing human composition and exaggerating proportions - e.g. trouser legs and feet:

Pterodactyl-bird holding kettle drum in his beak, in foreground of circus stage and teepee - always want to look for character design and action line opportunities when staring at compositions and complex patterns:

Exploring holes and tube composition and experimenting with ball movement through these holes, judging by angles of hula hoops:

Drawing chalk studies from different angle of sculpture now: Realising woman holding fan close to her chin, later capturing movement of bamboo sticks into study:

Study from another angle: Capturing movement of blue tape overlapping hula hoop, and drawing abstract creature with long legs, developing from action line. Creature's torso and head position as if wooing to creature above him:


  1. Wow, Robin! Lovely, lovely post! Looks like you had fun :)

  2. These are some lovely interpretations of abstract shapes. I'd say my favourites are the cramped man, the French soldier (who looks like he's stubbed his toe, poor guy) and the lady holding a fan. The third especially has some very flowing lines to it.