Thursday, 1 October 2015

Maya: Modelling in 3D Software

Four Egg Cups - NURBS, Polygon, Sub-D & Poly-Smooth:

Really excited to play around with new tools in Autodesk Maya whilst listening to tutorial video:
Making use of CV Curve tool and Loft to connect two curves together, then use of Move/Transform tools to reconfigure vertices and bends:

Using CV Curve tool on Side view to construct basis of NURBS Egg Cup, then Revolve to duplicate in full 360 degrees:

Polygon Egg Cup, experimenting with Polygon and Sub-D modes of cube, whilst stretching properties:

Stretching vertices from original polygon sphere [fewer faces resembling Chinese Lantern shape], then viewing in Sub-D:
Constructing main cylinder, reducing faces and then viewing in Sub-D - basis of three of four egg cups: 

Using Insert Edge Loop Tool, to increase detail in curves from stand to cup - later seeing result and realizing I may have missed step in creating proper round circle, rather than stretching in one direction [quite difficult to know which vertices to stretch in complex wireframe, and quite confusing Move controls]:

Using Extrude to push down centre on top to construct inside of cup:

Exploring difference between Sub-D Egg Cup and Poly-Smooth Egg Cup - though both seem same in original state, stretching vertices to discover increase cubic detail in stretching evidence:

After my first attempt at four egg cups, was really concerned on where I went wrong to construct quite uncomfortably oval-shaped egg cups with quite small holes at top:

Original Four Egg Cups - NURBS, Polygon, Sub-D & Poly-Smooth:
Had some help from student to reconstruct three egg cups: where I went wrong was stretching the inserted edge loops in one direction, rather than growing all-round [quite similar-looking controls]. Also soon realized cups need to have bulge at hand grasp area and gradually curve slightly to top, rather than resembling curving cuboid:
Reconfigured Four Egg Cups - NURBS, Polygon, Sub-D & Poly-Smooth:
Reconfigured Four Egg Cups with Nets:

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  1. Well done on completing these Robin, it is also nice that you showed your trials and tribulations.