Saturday, 17 October 2015

Despina: Refined Three Angles

Improving composition and detail with three key angles of Despina - exploring layering and focus on rule of thirds:

Exterior High Angle Shot - entrance to harbour city:
Camel and passenger about to walk down high-rise zig-zag ramp leading to town hall and business centre/fish market of Despina, or choose to walk through pipe which then curls down right angle
Collection of hybrid funnel buildings and chimneys at right half, plus crane-like machines at furthest distance:

Exterior Low Angle Shot - business/fish market centre [based upon Brazil favela composition]:
Mix of office buildings, fish stores and restaurants, with factory chimneys, high-rise boardwalks, conveyor belts and crane-like machines in further distance. Propped on buildings are varying colourful marine flags, could perhaps showcase lighter side of dusty, smoky and slightly depressing factory-harbour city:

Interior High Angle Shot - mix between cargo warehouse, cargo town [e.g. NDSM] and fish market [based upon Leeds City Market composition]:
Boardwalk pathway leads from pipe entrance to cargo boxes and buildings, with control room and lifts in furthest distance, alongside porthole ceiling window, gradually being blocked up with coral-shaped bottles and boxes. Balcony for first floor at far-left, whilst crane operates boxes in middle of packed environment:


  1. Hi Robin,

    Interesting shots... personally, I think you need to lose the camel in the wide view. I think it would be better to give an impression of the desert (ie in the colour scheme) rather than include the character.

  2. I like these Robin :) there's a sense of scale coming from a big city, agree with Jackie though lose the camel and the flags and carry on :)

  3. lose the camel... but the sense of bustle and 'noise' implied by these compositions is exciting! And yes, the flags feel a little bit self-conscious - like a geography school project as opposed to a real space.

  4. You could still get the impression of the flags using the colour schemes perhaps, rather than the actual flags? Are the flags relating to the buildings they are on?