Thursday, 15 October 2015

Life Drawing - Man

Exercising life drawing with nude male human - eager to improve on realism in line and tone [still trying to draw smaller bodies to fit entire page], but also wanted to discover how I can create stylised characters from original viewpoints as well, trying out exaggerating body proportions and sense of movement. Alongside large tone and line life study, capturing flowing hair movements, simplified body posture with lines and circles, exaggerating head features [similar to large forehead of George Bush, Sr.], and redrawing character in new context [rural farmer, etc.]

Influence from Michael Mattesi's Force Character Design from Life Drawing - stylising and exaggerating body posture to heighten action and tension:

Continuous line drawing without looking at paper - really does help me become honest with what I'm drawing, and hopefully can pick out new shapes and characters to create from these jumbled drawings:

Changing posture every five minutes - quick sketches - did not realise until later that I needed to have left equal space for drawing each posture. Still often having body foreshortening problem [main drawing now resembling genie monster, etc.] - ideal to start with feet than working upwards, as well as dominantly capturing movement rather than body detail if exercise is only for few minutes - more successful in bottom two sketches:

Body posture changes every two minutes, as model holds bamboo stick in various positions - ideal for animators to quickly capture motion and energy, though still trying to overcome foreshortening problem, to leave enough space and make characters thinner and so more convincing:

Heating devices broke down, so instead realism life study of model in gown sitting on white block - quite nervous to start big-scale realism life study [trying to have patience when slowly building up and analysing model carefully]. Wanted to try and go through different direction by building up tone and chiaroscuro only in certain corners and components first - e.g. left foot and gown's bottom. Quite like accidental outcome of slightly uneven body proportions, as if cave monster was just sitting down:

Deciding to focus on just one component of model, his left hand from different angle - although, originally drawing in cubic form to slowly build up complex hand shape, instead simply drawing curving outline to create more convincing hand shape on top-right than top-left, whilst focusing only on most important areas for heaviest tone contrasts - same for drawing out model's head and shadow underneath chin:

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