Sunday, 18 October 2015

Maya - Lighting & Batching

One, Two & Three-Point Lighting - exploring possibilities between replicating real world lighting and creating stylised lighting - created through cone-shaped spotlights at particular locations and reconfiguring intensity, etc.:
Exploring Volume Light - exciting dark interaction turnout, as if alone character flying in dangerous territory:

Gradually positioning four cone-shaped Spot Lights, practicing reflecting enough healthy light on all areas possible - not left behind, but not too intense either [take notice of indoor/night-time lighting in real life]:

 Final robot-rocket creation:

Batch Rendering:
First exploration of technical animation - full 360 degree turn of rocket/spaceship, focusing on timeline feature in bottom of Maya board, all 100 frames rendered and to be viewed in F-Check program that came with Maya 2016 when downloaded - ideal first step into CG animation practicing:

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