Friday, 9 October 2015

Illustrator: Logo Design (Unfinished)

Practicing Adobe Illustrator [vector graphic software different from Photoshop] for first time; producing logo design for own blog and brand identity - huge focus on typeface, distorting shapes, strokes and duplication:

Really pleased with turnout of these two designs in particular: extending shapes with thick line borders as well as duplicating RHS for layering effect inspires me to look deeper into modernist thick and bold graphic design - e.g. 1960s-70s, Playmobil, Miffy, etc. Meanwhile, choice of typeface. Meanwhile, choice of bamboo-shaped typeface and stroke pattern in bottom-left could be used for ecological attractions, tribal typeface and patterns, zoo parks, etc.

Logo practice in development:
Experimenting with banner design and stars to help contribute to logo experimenting - stretching, distorting, duplicating, rotating, reflecting, etc.:

Final stage of logo experiment:
Really pleased with turnout of star patterns and banner perspective, plus adding sun effect behind banner slowly resembling graphic design for stain glass window in place of worship. Learning how to soften particular strokes for further practice, and want to start considering logo designs in sketchbook: preferred title, "Saker & Co.", drawn in different coloured cubes alongside pictograms, etc.

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