Monday, 5 October 2015

Maya: Texturing - Common Shaders

Exploring shades-textures in Maya exercise - playing with light contrast, opaque vs. transparent, appropriate colours for anxious robot context:
Probably won't be able to see textures in real life the same way again - now taking notice of materials I pass through campus building, how light is reflected off objects like the banisters, bins and lift doors:

Complete Anxious Robots in Maya - Ceramic, Steel, Silver, Bronze, Glass, Glow onto Object and Glow without Object:
Complete Flow Chart - depicting varying textures used - e.g. light bouncing reconfiguration, chrome effect onto colours, etc.:

 Examples of textures in construction - Thick Blue, Dark Silver [Chrome], White Silver with construction map in head's reflection, 'invisible' robot in rendering development of Glass robot:

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