Monday, 5 October 2015

Animation & Character: Zoetrope & Flash Exercises

Exploring time sequencing [24 frames per second] with zoetrope exercise - one of foundations of science of animation. Drawing sets of pictures on long strand of paper of swaying red ball and even adding stretching and speed lines to strengthen illusion of movement, then wrapping around small zoetrope:

Filming small zoetrope in action:

Wanted to create quick concept art/adaptation of zoetrope exercise, capturing spirit of movement I had created - focus on speed and action lines, shooting and swaying downwards, playing with facial expressions and typeface, etc:

First exercise in Adobe Flash, with features similar to Photoshop - focus on brushstroke and shape features: Big advantage of smoothening brushstrokes to create more swaying and unified movement, and was careful in placing strokes and right locations to record speeding up and slowing down. Quite more difficult, however, for movement of shape - quite more labour-intensive when stretching and placing in different locations - therefore, more proud of brushstroke exercises than pink square:

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