Friday, 2 October 2015

Maya: Block Modelling (Ray Gun)

Ray Gun Body:
Excited to discover that so many simple polygon shapes [cube, sphere, torus, etc.] can create such complex compartments, through stretching and distortion, smoothening, edge and vertex distortion, etc. Probably won't be able to see real-life 3D objects the same way again - e.g. discovering bevels on table edges, roofs on houses, etc..
Major compartments of ray gun from cubes, spheres and tori - major processes being resizing, duplication, stretching, sprouting, smoothening, etc.
At times, still quite difficult to recognize shape I'm looking for in wireframe amongst other shapes within same tight location. With some particular shapes, deleting one of its faces so smoothened shape won't close in on itself:

Ray Gun Handle:
Distorting and stretching simple cube, plus using Edge Tool to draw more realistic grip [stretching in-and-out pattern]. Including bevel after smoothening so handle won't look too mushy:

Final Product:
Duplicating featured spheres on one side [Shift-D] to create truly believable ray gun and not just for show off on one particular angle. Had in my mind drawing gun's fin as if fish species [perhaps can evolve such theme in future]. Adding downward direction of light, then colouring in render with Toon's Circle Highlight [more cel-shaded light contrast] - shades of red, blue/violet and orange:

Final Product - Render View [Production Quality]:
Really like turnout of ray gun: having perhaps rubbery and sliding but strong and gripping feel, judging by chosen colours and Toon light contrast, and perhaps also direction of spotlight creates more heating dramatic effect:

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  1. Well done Robin. The orange and blue work well.