Thursday, 22 October 2015

Life Drawing: Man - Structure, Motion & Texture

Exploring texture and lighting as well as body composition:
One aspect I have discovered I need to improve with life drawing (probably because of long break after two years of pre-degree Extended Diploma that I need to practice life drawing again) is need to properly balance between action line/motion and body detail. Even tried to start drawing upwards from feet rather than downwards from head, but still finding it difficult to draw small enough for entire body to fit, otherwise leading to forced foreshortening/squashing looking like Henry Moore sculpture. 
Starting to use pencil-eye measuring method again to be exact with dimensions, plus in future want to draw overall action line before drawing more body detail, as I really want to create overall flowing movement (quite more difficult when model is facing in front of me, compared with at side):

Standing pose - accidental foreshortening whilst drawing from feet upwards:

Poses with bamboo stick - getting to grips balancing both motion and body detail:
Most pleased with top-right posture [almost believably thin and muscular]:

Lighting exercise w/ chalk and charcoal on black card - probably need to control my energetic drawing hand in order to draw small enough to fit inside page, whilst still retaining energy:
Also exploring negative space lighting and props:

Quick study of model sitting on white block, plus quick study of 'thinking' hand:

Closer 'thinking' posture study - focusing on lighting/texture as well as motion and composition. Near end was getting quite nervous that I may be overdeveloping study due to long time given, but really enjoy the result [blocking head with thick green to experiment with clash of styles]. 
Advice from Vicky to look into anatomy drawing books - e.g. look at advice from Michael Mattesi and Richard Williams books.

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