Sunday, 27 September 2015

Photoshop Exercises - Still Life Pears

Introduction to Photoshop features and Wacom digital drawing tablets, adapting from still life photographs in black-and-white and colour - focusing on paintbrush techniques [various sizes, tones and water levels]:
The main outcome I have discovered from this exercise is ideally not to draw the outlines first, but paint the shades very loosely and gradually build up [inspiration from Pixar concept art books, mimicking loose chalk pastel sketches], then giving the 3D illusion [adding outline will already make object look flat]. One key feature I have been shown [though generally seen as quite cheating], is using eye drop tool onto original photograph to easily mimic exact colours, speeding up colouring process [really helped me build up tightest areas of both darkest and brightest, especially the gaps between the pears].
Other than that, I really enjoyed looking deeper and reconstructing even the most ordinary of still life objects such as fruit - forgetting what they are and simply seeing them as alien life forms [will probably never see still life objects the same way again].

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