Tuesday, 8 September 2015

CAA Summer Project 2015: Aardvark-Snake

Aardvark-Snake - Original thumbnail sketch

Aardvark-Snake - Side

Aardvark-Snake - Front
Aardvark-Snake - Side
Aardvark-Snake - Back

Aardvark-Snake - Concept Art

Google Image Search - "Snake" and "Aardvark"

I chose the Aardvark-Snake because of the interesting cramped-like posture that I modelled from the silhouette of the stiletto - the stiletto's heel also suggested the shape of the snout. I was also eager to develop from the creature's slimy and scaly textures, and I really wanted to challenge myself in being able to recreate this posture in all four angles. Indeed, I had some difficulty forming the creature's posture seen at different angles, so I used modelling clay to fashion a model of the posture to be viewed in all angles.
The interesting floor plan of the creature and the design of the snout inspired me to draw concept art reflecting my detailed turnaround. Overall, I am really happy with the final of all three turnarounds.


  1. Hi Robin! Jackie here.... I'm going to be working with you for the foreseeable future :D

    Great to see that you are getting stuck into the summer project... just a quick hint about presenting your work on the blog. Try and keep your images as clear and professional-looking as possible; so this basically means cropping them back so that you just have the piece of work, and no surrounding desk, sketchbook binding etc. The Aardvark-snake back is a good example of how it should look :) May as well start as you mean to go on!!

    Looking forward to meeting you on Monday - you have an exciting journey ahead!

  2. Hey Robin!
    Welcome to CAA! I'm Hannah and I'm starting my third year :) If you need any help feel free to contact me via my blog:


  3. Hello Robin, my name's Mark Stamp and I am to be your student mentor for this coming year.

    I'm going to be in the second year so chances are you'll see me around the university.I'll be looking at your work when I can and will be giving feedback or advice, and if you ever have a question just notify me.

    I like the look of your aardvark-snake (got any ideas for it's own kind of name?) and I definitely approve of using modelling clay when stuck on how it would look in 3D - when in doubt, draw from life - but I think if you have time for it look into other ways of combining the fur and scales. It could make your creature really memorable and much more natural. Maybe you could look at other snakeskin patterns?

    Practice makes perfect so keep drawing, but like Jackie said try to minimise how much of the photograph isn't the picture, it looks neater and much more professional when the picture you want ot show is 100% of the image. I like the use of human figures for scale in this too; I would have had no idea your creature would be or the size of a small train without them.

    It's size and serpentine appearance reminds me of titanoboa.

    Anyway, hope you have an enjoyable year and if you need to contact me this is my blog address: