Tuesday, 8 September 2015

CAA Summer Project 2015: Sketches 97-101

2 Pond Birds, Aardvark-Snake, Micro-Teleporter-Laser & Treehouse

On-going creature, machine and structure exploration driven by 'seed-growing' method - Treehouse being clearest example (one object inspires the rest of the structure and scenery).

Really pleased with many of the concept drawings I created, especially with the life-forms - at one point I thought I had reached the end, but re-analysing these objects led me to even more exciting creature possibilities.
There are so many appealing thumbnail sketches that it was difficult for me to cut down to just three, so asked family members (Mom, Dad & sister) which drawing from each page would look most appealing to draw in 3-D, then allocated results for highest for each of three categories (Structure, Machine and Life-form). Final three choices (shaded in blue) to be advanced into turnarounds (e.g. Aardvark-Snake).


  1. Hey Robin,

    Lovely thumbnails, really enjoyed your commentary and decision-making! A bit of blog housekeeping: just make sure your name comes first on the blog banner title - so when people visit, they know it's yours!

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  2. Thanks, Phil. I'm looking forward to starting the course and seeing you next Monday.