Monday, 28 September 2015

Photoshop Class: Abstract Response/Gestalt - Esmeralda

Discovering another way in developing energetic and striking concept art, through idea of simplification - Gestalt: "The whole (picture/car) carries different and altogether greater meaning than its individual components (paint/canvas/brush, or tire/paint/metal)." After discovering concept art examples from architects today [Atelier Olschinsky, Zaha Hadid, Mary Blair, etc.], recently realised that I have been probably focusing slightly too much on interiors and components making up architecture in my Calvino-Invisible Cities sketchbook and digital thumbnails, and not enough on striking building shape itself - e.g. seashells, expo pavilions, staircases and pathways, etc. [need to balance between the two properly].

Abstract 1

Adapting from phrase-writing exercise, using Photoshop and various brushes to draw quick and energetic colour-shape formations reflecting the kind of themes I want to further enhance in later sketches. Making sure to colour-fill in negative space, and not to draw obvious narrative scenes - instead, capturing movement of blue waves, slides and chutes, and surrounding bricked and cobblestone walls [influence from simplified Mary Blair], gathering together suggested theme of Esmeralda. Later realising great power of pictogram-style creations within tight squares - e.g. Otl Aicher [Munich 1972].

 Abstract 2, 3 & 4

Ongoing capturing spirit [keyword] of splashing waves, sliding chutes with lampposts, sun rays, flower petals and plants, and surrounding beach-like environments [blue squiggles, zig-zag sun rays, curling circles, etc.]. Really enjoying bright, multi-colour approach [leading influence from Hundertwasser], drawing out quickly and energetically, so that I am able to further progress chosen colours and shapes. Therefore, probably just as influential drawing thumbnail exercises as plainly visualising buildings and surrounding scenery - remember: you're mainly shading colours, not drawing lines first.
New PS tools introduced in Abstract 4 - lasso tool and polygon lasso tool, creating effective contrasts in sharpness and solidity. At one point, accidentally drawing too confusing polygon lasso [Abstract 4, bottom-left], yet leading to quite successful perspective of ideal boat/log flume crashing into sea [adding lighter blue splashes and colourful plants in foreground]. Other squares created in Abstract 4 already reminds me of ideas - e.g. postmodern graphic design, design for sporting outfits and gyms, Javier Mariscal, tribal patterns, etc.

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