Tuesday, 8 September 2015

CAA Summer Project 2015: Structure - Human Pavilion

Human Pavilion - Original thumbnail sketch

Human Pavilion - Side

Human Pavilion - Front

Human Pavilion - Back & Floor Plan

Google Image Search - "Pavilion"
I chose the Human Pavilion for the Structure turnaround since I am really inspired by architecture, park designs and in particular world expos in recent times, which is why I added countries' flags along the roof of the pavilion to suggest a global unity theme. It is called the Human Pavilion as it is in the shape of a stripped-down human form in a press-up position. Visitors can walk through different passageways in order to reach the head where they can sightsee from the eyeholes. I have also added portions of trees and plants as well as locating the building close to the coast ideally for the pavilion to be part of a wider leisure park area.
I am really happy with the outcome of my turnaround, though I had some difficulty matching up the dimensions so they can be matched through all three angles.

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