Monday, 28 September 2015

Photoshop Class: Word Stacks (Ideation) - Esmeralda

Writing exercise - Small sketchbook:

Suggested exercise from artist-illustrator Sterling-Hundley, in order never to come up with most obvious and common concepts from analysing texts, concepts, etc. - similar exercise to continuing writing without letting go on paper, letting all your ideas no matter how relevant straight onto surface (be honest and display them!):
Re-analysing Esmeralda text from Calvino's Invisible Cities and picking key phrases in order to start throwing down phrases to conjure up new ideas to develop into future thumbnail sketches, often adding reminders of previous encounters [artworks, films, architecture, etc.]. Even going so far into throwing down my past dreams [REM] - e.g. new modern steel railway station with 13 platforms in middle of wheat field in Kazakhstan. Most importantly, trying to be as exaggerated as possible, and not necessarily having to link to real-life examples in the past.

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  1. Good work Robin :)
    Even though you are encouraged to 'think outside the box' in this exercise, it is important that your ideas stem from the original text... I'm not 100% sure where the link between Esmeralda and the ' new modern steel railway station with 13 platforms in middle of wheat field in Kazakhstan' is... If you stray TOO far from the original text, all you are doing is inventing a whole new city and concept :)