Tuesday, 8 September 2015

CAA Summer Project 2015: Machine - Army Vehicle

Army Vehicle - Original thumbnail sketch

Army Vehicle - Side
Army Vehicle - Front

Army Vehicle - Control Pad (Inside)

Army Vehicle - Back

Army Vehicle - Concept Art

Google Image Search - "army vehicle"

I chose the Fantasy Army Vehicle for the Machine turnaround because I was interested in developing from the initial structure of a cylindrical seat with two large wheels. From images search results for "army vehicle", I discovered ideas to increase detail to the vehicle such as cogs and wheels, bolts and rivets and gun barrels. I wanted to create an overall rugged and dusty texture to the vehicle. Later I wanted to build up an interesting theme of American nationalism and aggression as I was listening to a podcast from the BBC Radio 4 Americana series. Shortly after drawing the turnaround, I was energized to add more detailed concept art reflecting my initial inspiration for the vehicle - e.g. cogs, wheels and bolts.

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