Monday, 2 November 2015

Bellmer: Reference Keywords

Life-size pubescent [youthful] dolls; sexualised images of female body - distorted, dismembered or menaced in sinister scenarios; erotomania; revenge; suffering; safety of womb; avant-garde; continuous rebellion against despised father; castration anxiety; unconscious sense of guilt.
Surrealists' fascination for dolls and machines resembling humans; rejecting Nazi's Aryan ideals; disturbing dolls from wax, wood, flax, plaster and glue; fetishistic; erotic obsessions; Freudian; psychoanalysis; hysteria; singular exploration in relationship between language and body.
Mass of limbs and organic forms; in danger of toppling over; many layers of pastry; disturbing; erotically charged; disembodied parts of children's dolls.
Draughtsman; painter; constructor of dolls; etcher; lithographer; erotic fantasy; 'artificial girls'; erotic variations of human body

Paris; Dadaism; exploration of everything irrational and subversive in art; spiritualism; Freud; psychoanalysis; Marxism; 'automatic'; emerging directly from unconscious without being shaped by reason, morality, or aesthetic judgements; strove to undermine most accepted truths and conventions; juxtaposition; destruction; eroticism; Dali & Ernst: all attention to detail of Realist paintings.

Max Ernst [Germany] - Attirement of the Bride [1940]
Rene Magritte [France] - Voice of the Space [1931]
Ernst - The Elephant Celebes [1921]

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