Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bellmer: Influence Map (Moods & Environments)

Influence Map for building up Travelogue and adapting thumbnails, based upon exploration of Bellmer and his key principles/ideas/themes/concepts [e.g. visualising emotions from Google Image search results], as well as looking into context containing similar elements [e.g. Nazi Germany & Pre-Code Hollywood in 1930s]:
Exploration moods from top [changing pictures to B/W to contain ongoing dark and depressing theme, then gradually phasing towards ideas for metropolis ideas towards bottom:

1st Row - Pre-Code Hollywood; Aggression; Anger; Domestic Violence; Brain
2nd Row - Stress; Virtual Body; Solitary Confinement; Erotic; Desire
3rd Row - Aryan Girl Propaganda; League of German Girls; Pornography; Nazi Marches; Solitary Confinement
4th Row - Rag Dolls; Attirement of the Bride [Ernst]; The Elephant Celebes [Ernst]; Love Hotel
5th Row - Derelict Apartments; Cushion Pile; Girl's Bedroom; Metal Bobsled [hill terrain and pathways]
6th Row - Shanty Town; Hilly City; Clock Towers; Hilly City [curving structures, with dirty, dark inequality between structures]

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